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Before my art, I was only emotion...raw emotion with no outlet. My youth was filled with a great sense of wonder for all things hidden, abandoned and forgotten. Growing up in the suburban ruins surrounding Detroit, I spent countless hours exploring abandoned farmhouses, barns, sheds, factories, and hospitals...I searched the night skies and the occult for some divine meaning, it was then that I learned my outlet. My work is a perfect blend of emotional obstacles and my lifelong search for divinity that I know will someday reveal itself to me. This creative regurgitation is my form of divination. I received my Bachelors in Illustration from The Savannah College of Art & Design.I work primarily in oil and also like to use acrylics with oil glazing. I enjoy light carpentry to create my frames and hope to someday master wood carving and mold casting. My inspiration comes from Northern Renaissance paintings, Pop-Surrealism and the occult. each piece has its moment of inner reflection, It is shrouded in heavy oil glazes until it is no longer visible, what happens after that is magical and perhaps the most insightful moment of creation, the piece  reveals itself to me...it’s like stumbling upon something hidden with eyes wide open, I want the viewer to feel as though my work has just been unearthed for them to find the divinity within it.